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Looking for some sexy, take-charge cowboys? How about some Alpha males who enjoy a bit of bondage? What about some steamy ménage? Come on in and enjoy!

This site is for those 18 years old or older

Pink Smoke


Daddies Captive

Effie Stevenson is having a rough time . . .

She’s broke. Between jobs. And the sole provider for her sixteen-year-old nephew.

The only job she can find would involve taking her clothes off. And she’s just desperate enough to go for it.
Really, what’s the worst that could happen?

Hmm. Plenty, apparently.

She ends up capturing the attention of Thomas Grady. And she’s not sure that’s a good thing.

He’s enigmatic. Gorgeous. Bossy.

Oh, and did she mention he comes as a package deal?
Because where there’s Grady, there’s Damon Steele.

Grouchy. Stern. Protective.

There’s no way she can handle two dominant, commanding, overprotective Daddy Doms.


Not happening.

But then Effie’s world turns to crap, and she comes to realize the two men who make her insides spin might be the only ones capable of keeping her alive . . .

Contains two bossy Daddy Doms and one sunshine Little. Has some mm.



Crazy, charismatic Raid Malone didn’t think he was ready to settle down. But now that most of his brothers have found their women, he thinks it might be time to claim his.

And he knows just who he is going to claim.

Sweet, submissive Hannah.

If he could just get her to stop running from him . . .

Hannah has had a crush on Raid Malone for a long time, but he’s way out of her league.

Plus, he’s kind of wild.

Maybe it’s time she finds a Dominant who can give her what she needs. However, when she goes looking. . . she finds herself in more trouble than she bargained for.

Hannah might just discover that an angry, protective Malone man is more than she can handle.

But also, exactly what she needs.

Malone's Pride


December 5, 2023

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