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Pink Smoke


Damaged Princess

She was the princess locked in the tower. Cosseted. Loved. Protected.

And fading a little every day . . .

After being kidnapped and beaten, Lottie Malone retreated from life into the safety of her brothers’ protection, intending to stay there forever.

What she didn’t know was that there were two unlikely heroes waiting to free her.

Liam Carmichael has the face of an angel and a soul that is pitch-black. Emotionally stunted, ruthless, and savage, he has a mean reputation and that’s how he likes it.

But the moment he laid eyes on Lottie, she was his.
His. And his husband’s.

With bad-boy, good looks and a huge heart, Nico knows that Lottie needs them to survive.

They want to share her, possess her, claim her.
They just have to work out how to do that without breaking her.

Please note: This is an MMF romance. The heroes are already together when they meet the heroine. The heroine has issues with anxiety and self-harm from past trauma so please read with caution.



He’s paranoid, eccentric, and dangerous . . .

Keira was being hunted.
By the good guys and the bad guys. Only trouble is, who is who?
Then he caught her.
Gorgeous and blunt.
Smart and insane.

She shouldn’t want him, shouldn’t allow him through her thick shields. But Zander doesn’t know the word no. All he knows is what he wants.
And what he wants, he gets.

But who would want a thief and a liar? Someone with a black past? Who craves submission, someone to take care of her, but can’t bring herself to trust anyone?

Includes spankings, a guarded Little, and an ever so slightly crazy Daddy with a big protective streak.

Rogue Daddy


November 24, 2021

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