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Pink Smoke


Daddy's Sassy Sweetheart

When life knocked her down, Kiesha got right back up.
Thing was, life seemed to knock her down a lot.
There was only so much a girl could take before she got up punching.

Only that would likely get her arrested. Not a good look when the sheriff was your pseudo brother and boss.
Not that she put a lot of stock in following the rules . . . they were made to be broken.


Most of the time.

Harry had followed the rules most of his life . . . and where had that gotten him?
Sure, he was successful and wealthy.
But he was also lonely and empty.
The only time he felt alive was when he visited the weird town of Wishingbone, Montana.
And the woman who kept catching his eye.
He knew he should steer clear of Kiesha. She was way too young for him. They were complete opposites.
And yet, if anyone was in need of a calming influence, it was her . . . as well as a trip or two over his knee.

Harry better hold on, because this Daddy is in for a heck of a ride.



Brutal. Savage. Vengeful.


Victor Malone is his oldest brother’s right-hand man, the watchful protector. Swift with his revenge if you cross him or his family.

Most people run from him . . .

But not her.


Grace has no idea that the man who comes into her bakery each morning for his sweet bun fix is one of the most feared men in New Orleans. And when she finds herself in trouble, there’s only one person she can turn to for help.


But what happens once she finds out the full truth of who he is?

Vengeful Commander


June 8, 2022

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