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Looking for some sexy, take-charge cowboys? How about some Alpha males who enjoy a bit of bondage? What about some steamy ménage? Come on in and enjoy!

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Pink Smoke


Jolie's Little Fourth of July

The Daddy she didn’t want might just be the Daddy she needs.

Jolie Ryan needs a break.

A break from the constant demands of touring with her band, from the screaming fans. From the disappointed stares and snide remarks of one Brand Starr.

What she definitely does not need is for Brand to follow her to Rawhide Ranch. And she certainly doesn’t need him turning on his Daddy charm, pampering and spoiling and pleasuring her beyond anything she’s ever imagined.

Then again, a rockstar Daddy who sees her as the precious jewel she is instead of the perpetual burden she’s always thought herself to be, could be exactly what this Little girl needs…



Ethan Stone is a protector.

It’s what he was born to do.
Protect. Dominate. Control.
And everyone always obey him.
Everyone except her.

Cate Ripley.

She’s cool. Emotionless. Removed from the world.
And he cannot stop thinking about her. Worrying over her.

Wanting her.

Cate doesn’t understand Ethan Stone.
She’s done everything she can think of to keep him at a distance.

Yet, he’s always there. Annoying her. Prodding at her.
The last thing she needs in her life is a bossy, overbearing man telling her what to do.
Claiming that she needs a Daddy to take care of her.

Cate put a wall up between herself and her emotions years ago and she has no intention of allowing anyone, least of all Ethan Stone, to shatter that barrier.

Because if he does . . . she knows he won’t stick around to pick up the pieces.

Guardian Daddy


August 21, 2024

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