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Her Old-Fashioned Husband

**Please note that this book is a re-release. There have been a number of changes from the original publication

An Old Fashioned Christmas.jpg

When Frankie married Tom, she was determined to give him the perfect life. To be the perfect wife. The perfect mother. The perfect lover. Only things aren’t quite working out the way she planned. Exhausted, stressed, she’s nearing breaking point.

Worried about his wife and their relationship, the last thing Tom needs is an old ghost from his past reappearing and causing havoc. Concerned that if he doesn’t do something soon he may well lose his wife, he takes Frankie away for some one-on-one time, where he assumes total control.
Good for their relationship, not so great for her ability to sit comfortably.

Of course, Frankie can’t stand to see her husband in pain and decides to help heal things between him and the past… even though she’s been forbidden from interfering.
But then Frankie has never claimed to be the most obedient wife.

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