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His Old-Fashioned Love

An Old Fashioned Christmas.jpg

Holly Latham is tired of being alone. But a cheating ex-husband and a terrible car accident have left her with some confidence issues. And it doesn’t help that the men she’s been dating expect more than she’s willing to give on a first date.
She’s been accused of being frigid and old-fashioned. She just has to hope that somewhere out there is a guy worth waiting for.

Brax Jamieson is working hard to make his business a success and a contract with Ashdown Industries could be just the break he needs. All he has to do is keep his mind on the job and his hands off Ashdown’s gorgeous assistant, Holly.

She isn’t for him. She’s a city girl who’d probably run a mile once she came up against his dominant side, and he’s just a simple country boy trying to make a success of himself.
So he has no business dreaming about her, lusting over her, kissing her, spanking her…

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