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Two Old-Fashioned Men

Some of the characters from An Old-Fashioned Man are back!

An Old Fashioned Christmas.jpg

Bryony Andrews has never had much luck—with men or jobs. Down to her last few dollars, and living in her car, she decides to take a chance and enquire about a housekeeping job at the Double J Ranch. Little does she know that the two men who run the ranch are handsome, charismatic, and bossy.

Cam thinks Bryony could be exactly the woman they need. Someone to share. To care for. To dominate together. The woman who could make Kent smile again.

Kent has decided that being in a relationship isn't for him. He's going to back off and let Cam find a woman who will make him happy. Then Bryony appears in his life and somehow sneaks her way past the hard shell he's placed around his heart.

Bryony is ecstatic to have a job, but can she handle her incredibly sexy, handsome employees and their very old-fashioned views on how to treat a woman?

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