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Dirty Daddies Anthology is LIVE

The Dirty Daddies Anthology is now available on Amazon, Apple and Nook! You can grab it

here. After a week or so it will be available on KU.

My story is called Her Daddy's Sunshine. It's not related to any of my other series, but stand completely on its own. It's a very sweet story about a grumpy Daddy and the Little who brings sunshine back to his life!

Here's a short excerpt:

Oh! He was coming to look at her truck? She practically ran down the steps, nearly tripping in her haste. A huge hand locked around her upper arm, stopping her from falling on her face.

She threw him a cheerful smile. “Thanks! You’d think I just got feet for Christmas!”

She laughed.

He did not.

All righty then. She moved alongside him as they strode towards her house. His legs covered the ground so quickly that she was practically jogging. Her breathing quickened.

Yikes. She might need to start doing some cardio.

“Thanks so much for doing this,” she told him. “You really didn’t have to. I could have called a friend. You know, if I could have borrowed your phone.”

Still nothing.

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